Your feet are the most used part of your body and often the most abused too. Even with all the daily walking and running, people tend to neglect the feet and toenails when it comes to health and beauty routines. No matter what your day is like daily, it is important to take care of your feet by pampering yourself to heal any soreness and to have good hygiene always. Here are a few steps you can take in order to take better care of your feet and toes. 

Wash and clean daily

It’s important to always maintain good sanitary habits when it comes to your feet as they are the quickest part of your body to get dirty and sweaty. Washing your feet daily every morning and every night is important as this is being a mark of good hygiene practices and also stops from dirt getting in to your bed at night. Although you will tend to purchase wedge shoes online that you will wear, your feet can still get very stuffy and dirty when walking. Clean them with water and soap to remove any bacteria and dirt. Furthermore, it is known that having clean feet will help you sleep better.

Moisturizer your feet 

Another important routine that you must undertake every day is to apply lotion or a moisturizer to your feet. This will leave your feet soft and moisturized when your wake up in the morning. You can buy womens sandals wholesale that will allow your feet to breathe a little when walking during hot and humid summers for example. Nevertheless, it’s a good habit to apply lotion or even petroleum jelly on your feet every night before you go to bed. 

Wear the right shoes

It’s essential to keep your feet comfortable in your day to day activities. For example, wearing uncomfortable footgear daily will cause your feet to be in pain and swell. Remember just as much as you would dress the rest of your body in clothes that are comfortable, your feet should also be considered the same way. Wear open toe slippers during hot summers and wear boots and socks during winters to keep your feet warm. 

Prevent odors 

As the feet produce more sweat and tend to harbor bacteria, it creates a smell. In order to avoid such smells, always make sure to wear clean socks and change them often. There are also foot powders that you can purchase over the counter that will help keep your feet dry and prevent feet odors.