Most of us suffer from clogged pores and blackheads. All these are the results of pores that are not clear enough. We need a good pore cleanser to get rid of these things. People who are looking for a good quality natural pore cleanser can opt for honey easily. Honey can go into the deep layers of skin and make it clear. It can clear the pores to help you avoid those black heads and dead skin cells. Mix honey with oils like coconut or jojoba and make a smooth pack. Massage the mixture onto clear skin circularly and make sure to avid the eye portion. 

Immunity is the power of the body to fight diseases. Due to this system we need not to run to the doctor for each and every stomach ache and cold and flu. Some of them can be treated by the immune system. It is actually a fighting system that fights off the diseases. But with every attack this immune system gets weakened and we stay down with health problems. It is important to boost immunity to stay healthy. With every food and drink we consume we must take care of immunity. In this article we’re going to talk about honey that has an immunity boosting secret in it.

The productions of immune cells:

Immune cells secrete a chemical messenger named cytokines. This chemical helps in organizing immune response and produces more immune cells. Honey can boost immunity through this method. A compound in organic honey Melbourne helps to stimulate the production of cytokines. It then helps to produce more cells which will ultimately boost our immunity. That is why honey is considered to be useful in healing wounds both acute and chronic.

Treat chronic wounds with honey:

Honey is an antibacterial element that can work wonders. Wounds sometimes develop a resistant to antibiotic treatment. This happens due to the presence of biofilms. Bacteria in the biofilms make the wounds a non healing one. MRSA is bacteria that are found in the non healing wounds. It usually lives on the skin and prevents the wound from healing through the antibiotic treatment. Honey can destroy these bacteria effectively to enhance the healing process. As there are many uses of honey, it makes sense to buy honey in bulk from right wholesale honey suppliers so that you can use honey at its best without spending more.

Sinus infection:

Again biofilms appear in this case. Biofilms are colonies of bacteria that are densely concentrated. This cause a problem named sinus infection. The problems that include are nasal congestion, facial pain and postnasal drip. The sense of smell gets reduced with this problem. The treatments of drug resistant biofilms are really tough. But honey can kill these bacteria to speed up the treatment.


If you can buy local honey, you can treat your allergies. With local honey you will consume the pollens that will make you resistant to the allergens. Next when you will get into contact with the allergens it will be easier to fight with it. In this case local honey is considerably best that anything else.